License Renewal for RN, COA and CTP Holders (See Steps below)


If you are unable to retrieve your information, try entering your FIRST and MIDDLE name in the FIRST name field. (example: Tina Marie Smith may need to be entered as SMITH, TINA or SMITH, TINA M or SMITH, TINA MARIE)

Due to the problems related to online renewal, the Board will waive the late fee usually imposed in July for this licensure renewal period.

Demand for Ohio eLicense is exceptionally high during this time of year. At times of high usage, there may be periods of slow performance. If you do experience slowness, or you are unable to complete your credit card transaction, please try again at a later time. You can contact the Board at or 614-995-5420. We appreciate your continued patience.

Renewing Online - Acceptable Browsers: Mac OS/X: Safari or Windows: Internet Explorer
All RNs are required to renew their license online this year.  During the month of May, the Board will alert RNs, through both email and postal mail, to renew their license online.  Nurses will access their User ID and Password for online renewal by a link on the Board’s website.

We understand that some licensees may not have a home computer and/or a credit or debit card. Computers are usually readily accessible in the workplace or in public libraries.  Licensees will also have the option to come into the Board’s office during regular business hours to renew online.  We will have a computer and printer set up in our lobby, and someone will be available to assist.

Paying Online - Acceptable Payment: Visa (V) or Mastercard (MC) - debit or credit
If individuals do not have a personal credit or debit card; they can pay for a pre-paid card at local stores and use the pre-paid card to complete the online transaction. Please note that an email address is required for you to receive a payment confirmation, but is not required to renew online.

How to Request Inactive Status
To place your license/certificate on inactive status, submit a written request to (17 South High St., Suite 400, Columbus, Ohio 43215), e-mail ( or fax (614.466.0388) no later than August 31, 2015. Include your name, Ohio nursing license/certificate number and request for inactive status.

APRNs must renew their RN license, not just their COA.  APRNs cannot legally practice without renewing both their RN and COA(s).  Also, APRNs renewing their CTP must renew not only their CTP, but also their RN and COA(s).

APRNs must remember to renew all applicable licenses/certificates, because the current state licensing system cannot monitor or alert you if you have or have not renewed all the required licenses/certificates.
•    To practice, APRNs must renew both their RN license and COA(s).
•    To prescribe, APRNs must renew three things: RN license, COA(s), and CTP.

APRN Credential Numbers
For RNs with one or more COAs, your credential will read as follows: RN #####-1, RN #####-2 or RN #####-3 (where the last digit indicates the number of COAs you hold). For RX credential holders, the prefix RX has been changed to CTP (ex. RX #####  becomes  CTP #####).

Providing Collaborating Physician Information

You will also be required to provide the name and address of your collaborating physician(s) at the time of renewal, so please have the information readily available.

Effective April 1, 2015 Ohio law sets forth certain situations where if you prescribe or personally furnish opioid analgesics or benzodiazepines, you are required to have access to OARRS either through registration or the ability to access an OARRS integrated service such as NARxCHECK.  If you do not have access and prescribe opioid analgesics or benzodiazepines, it is a violation of Ohio law and may result in disciplinary action. The Board is required by law to check licensees who renew their CTP to determine if they are in compliance with OARRS requirements. To register for OARRS, go to

This Rule sets forth certain situations that require APRN prescribers to review OARRS prior to prescribing or personally furnishing a reported drug to a patient. You must have access to OARRS either through registration or the ability to access an OARRS integrated service such as NARxCHECK in order to meet these requirements. Not complying with Rule 4723-9-12, OAC, is a violation of the Nurse Practice Act and may result in disciplinary action. To register for OARRS, go to

Board Practice Committee to Continue Discussion of LPN IV Therapy

The Board of Nursing will reconvene its Committee on Practice (Board Committee) Thursday September 17, 2015, at 12:00 p.m. at the Board of Nursing office located at 17 South High Street, Suite 400 in downtown Columbus. This is a public meeting. The Board Committee will continue its discussion of the statute pertaining to LPN IV Therapy. This meeting of the Board Committee will focus on the collection, review, and discussion of the administration of Total Parenteral Nutrition, as well as the administration of medications through Patient Controlled Infusion Devices. The Board Committee invites the submission of published information regarding these IV therapies, and comments with respect to the parameters supporting patient safety and effective nursing care in the provision of these IV therapies.

So that information may be timely processed and reviewed in advance by the Board Committee, the submission of published information and written comments should be received by the Board by 5:00 p.m. Tuesday September 15, 2015.

Information and comments may be submitted by email to:, or by regular U.S. Mail to: Ohio Board of Nursing, 17 South HIgh Street, Suite 400, Columbus, OH 43215. Please use the phrase "Board Committee" in the subject area of the email, or "Attention Board Committee" on the mailing envelope.

The Board Committee was originally convened in March 2014 to discuss the need to clarify the current statute pertaining to LPN IV therapy that is located in Ohio Revised Code Sections 4723.18 and 4723.19.

The Board Committee on Practice is a committee of the Board comprised of Board members that convenes as needed to hear and discuss specific nursing practice concerns and issues. It is a forum through which the Board disseminates specific information and hears information from interested parties and clinicians.

Proposed Rules and CSI Analysis Available

Ohio Revised Code (ORC) Sections 107.62 and 121.82 require state agencies, including the Ohio Board of Nursing, to draft rules in collaboration with stakeholders, assess and justify any adverse impact on the business community (as defined ORC Section 107.52), and provide opportunity for those persons affected by the rules to provide input.

At this time, the Board welcomes further comment on the following rules that have been forwarded to Ohio’s Common Sense Initiative Office (CSI) for review: The Board proposes to amend, rescind, or file new or no change rules following the five-year rule review for Ohio Administrative Code (OAC) Chapters 4723-8, Advanced Practice Nurse Certification and Practice; 4723-9, Prescriptive Authority; and 4723-23, Dialysis Technicians. The Board proposes to amend or file new rules for Ohio Administrative Code (OAC) Chapters 4723-1, Board Organization and Records; 4723-5, Nursing Education Program; 4723-7, Examination and Licensure; 4723-14, Continuing Education; and 4723-16, Hearings to provide updates and technical changes. Attached, please find copies of the proposed rules along with the completed Common Sense Initiative (CSI) Business Impact Analysis filing for each rule package. You may also view these documents online using the links below.

If you wish to provide comment to the Board on any of the proposed rules, please send your comments in writing to the attention of the Ohio Board of Nursing at and also copy the CSI on your e-mail at For purposes of assisting CSI review and in order for the Board to better review and consider any comments, please send your comments by the close of business on Friday, September 4, 2015.

The Board may, if necessary, review these proposed rules again at its September 17-18, 2015 public meeting. The Board anticipates holding a public hearing on the proposed rules at its November 19, 2015 meeting, at which time interested persons will be provided further opportunity to provide comment on the rules to the Board. The anticipated effective date of the rules will be February 1, 2016.

If you have questions, please contact the Board’s Chief Counsel Holly Fischer at

Click Here for the Business Impact Analysis 2015 - 5 Year Rule Review

Click Here for the CSI Filing 2015 - 5 Year Rule Review

Click Here for the Business Impact Analysis 2015 - Updates and Technical Changes

Click Here for the CSI Filing 2015 - Updates and Technical Changes

Nursing Education Program Completion Letters

The Ohio Board of Nursing is pleased to announce that the Board will accept Program Completion Letters by email as of February 1, 2015.

The process was successfully piloted with several education programs during December and early January, and we are pleased to now make this available for all education programs.

Attached, for your reference, is a document that provides guidance for the email submission of Completion Letters. Also attached are new sample Program Completion Letters.  These documents can be found on the Board web site. Click on Education Programs or Licensure and Renewal to locate these documents.

As of March 30, 2015, the Board will require that education programs email all Completion Letters to the Board. We are pleased to implement this new electronic process for greater ease and efficiency.

If you have questions, please email

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