Fall 2016 Momentum is Now Available

The Board's quarterly publication is now available. This edition contains valuable information for LPNs that are currently renewing their license. You can download the Fall 2016 and previous editions from our website in PDF format or you can view the newest Momentum online as an e-Ink publication.

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October 31st – Renew no later than October 31st or your license will lapse on November 1, 2016. You cannot work as a nurse as long as your license is lapsed. You must then apply for reinstatement of your license. The reinstatement process takes additional time to process. Please take the necessary steps to avoid this happening to you.

For LPNs with questions about registration for renewal, please contact the Ohio Board of Nursing Online System Support at 614-466-3947 and select “option 1”. The hours of support
Monday – Friday, 8am – 5pm.

If you need assistance with registration for renewal outside of our normal business hours, please submit an email to nursing.registration@das.ohio.gov and include a brief description of the issue, your first name, last name, telephone number, email address, and license number if you have it. Thank you.

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The new 3.0 Ohio eLicense system is operational. We are a part of a comprehensive professional regulatory license system used by the majority of Ohio’s licensing boards. The system includes several new features and upgrades that should help the Board better serve our licensees and the public. The system will for the first time allow all licensure and certification applications to be entered and processed online, including renewals. The Board continues to be committed and invested in ways that provide the best public protection and customer service possible.  Thank you for your anticipated patience and cooperation as we all begin using the new system. Please continue to visit this site for updates as they become available.

Recent Changes to RN and LPN Expiration Dates

If you hold an active LPN license in Ohio, your current license is now legally valid through October 31, 2016 due to a recent change in Ohio law. This information was recently updated in the licensure system and should now be reflected on the online verification site.

If you hold an active RN license in Ohio, your current license is now legally valid through October 31, 2017 due to a recent change in Ohio law. This information was recently updated in the licensure system and should now be reflected on the online verification site.

Advisory Group Appointments for 2017

The Ohio Board of Nursing will appoint members to the 2017 Advisory Groups during the November 2016 Board meeting.  Appointments are for a two-year term. If you are interested, please complete the application on the website and return it to the Board office by 5:00 p.m. on Monday, October 31, 2016. The open positions for the 2017 Advisory Groups are as follows:

ITT Tech’s Permanent Shutdown Includes Nine Ohio Campuses

ITT Educational Services announced Tuesday that it is permanently closing all of its ITT Technical Institute campuses, including nine in Ohio, after the U.S. Department of Education (USDOE) blocked the schools from enrolling new students who receive federal aid.  According to the USDOE, students have two options: Those currently or recently enrolled at ITT are eligible to have federal student loans for their programs at ITT discharged.  Students may also be able to transfer credits to a different school, though that option may limit the ability to have federal loans discharged.  USDOE said it will update student information on the ITT closing at its website, studentaid.ed.gov/sa/about/announcements/itt. (See The Hannah Report, 9/6/16.)

For information about whether another Ohio approved nursing education program would award credit for advanced standing and admission, students need to contact the programs directly.  A list of approved programs and contact information is located under the Education Program link.

The Board has been informed that Parchment, (http://www.parchment.com/) is the custodian of records for the now closed Breckenridge School of Nursing and Health Sciences @ITT Technical Institutes located in Ohio. Parchment is presently processing transcript requests.

For additional assistance, you may also contact the Ohio State Board of Career Colleges at  (614) 466-2752; or (877) 275-4219; or bpsr@scr.state.oh.us

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