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General Information

Patient Protection & Affordability Care Act

Below you will find a link to a summary of nursing related provisions in P.L.111-148, the Patient Protection & Affordability Care Act completed by the AARP Center to Champion Nursing.

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Proposed Rules and CSI Analysis

Chapters 4723-16; 4723-17; 4723-25; and 4723-26 are being reviewed according to Chapter 119.032 of the Ohio Revised Code in 2014 (Five Year Review). The Board is also proposing to amend individual rules in Chapters 4723-4; 4723-5; 4723-6; 4723-7; 4723-8; 4723-9; 4723-14; 4723-23; and 4723-2, as well as creating a new Chapter 4723-2, based on legislative amendments enacted by House Bill 488 or for technical or non-substantive reasons.

You can view the proposed rules along with the completed Common Sense Initiative (CSI) Business Impact Analysis filing at the Board's website at www.nursing.ohio.gov.

The Board may, if necessary, review these rules again at its September 18-19, 2014 meeting and anticipates holding a public hearing on the proposed rules at its November 2014 meeting, at which time the public will be provided further opportunity to provide comment on the rules to the Board. The anticipated effective date of the rules is February 1, 2015.

OAC Chapters 4723-16, 4723-17, 4723-25 and 4723-26
Click Here for Five Year Rule Review: Business Impact Analysis
Click Here for Five Year Rule Review: 4723-26, Draft Rules

OAC Chapters 4723-2, 4723-4, 4723-6, 4723-7, 4723-8, 4723-9, 4723-14, 4723-23 and 4723-27
Click Here for Updates and Technical Changes: Business Impact Analysis
Click Here for Updates and technical changes: Draft Rules

Ohio Revised Code (ORC) - Statute

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ORC Chapter 4723 Nurse Practice Act

Ohio Administrative Code (OAC) - Rules
Please note that recently adopted rules do not immediately appear on the Law Writer website accessible from the links below.

   Link to another websiteChapter 4723-1 Board Organization and Records
   Link to another websiteChapter 4723-3 Definitions
   Link to another websiteChapter 4723-4 Standards of Practice Relative to Registered Nurse or Licensed Practical Nurse
   Link to another websiteChapter 4723-5 Nursing Education Program
   Link to another websiteChapter 4723-6 Alternative Program for Chemically Dependent Nurses
   Link to another websiteChapter 4723-7 Examination and Licensure
   Link to another websiteChapter 4723-8 Certification, Registration of Nurse-Midwife and Other Specialties
   Link to another websiteChapter 4723-9 Course of Study in Advanced Pharmacology
   Link to another websiteChapter 4723-13 Delegation of Nursing Tasks
   Link to another websiteChapter 4723-14 Continuing Education
   Link to another websiteChapter 4723-16 Hearings
   Link to another websiteChapter 4723-17 Intravenous Therapy Courses for Licensed Practical Nurses
   Link to another websiteChapter 4723-18 Practice Intervention and Improvement Program (PIIP)
   Link to another websiteChapter 4723-20 Prevention of Disease Transmission
   Link to another websiteChapter 4723-23 Dialysis Technicians
   Link to another websiteChapter 4723-25 Nurse Education Grant Program
   Link to another websiteChapter 4723-26 Community Health Workers
   Link to another websiteChapter 4723-27 Certified Medication Aides

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