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License Renewal for RN, COA and CTP Holders (See Steps below)


If you are unable to retrieve your information, try entering your FIRST and MIDDLE name in the FIRST name field. (example: Tina Marie Smith may need to be entered as SMITH, TINA or SMITH, TINA M or SMITH, TINA MARIE)

Due to the problems related to online renewal, the Board will waive the late fee usually imposed in July for this licensure renewal period.

Demand for Ohio eLicense is exceptionally high during this time of year. At times of high usage, there may be periods of slow performance. If you do experience slowness, or you are unable to complete your credit card transaction, please try again at a later time. You can contact the Board at or 614-995-5420. We appreciate your continued patience.

Renewing Online - Acceptable Browsers: Mac OS/X: Safari or Windows: Internet Explorer
All RNs are required to renew their license online this year.  During the month of May, the Board will alert RNs, through both email and postal mail, to renew their license online.  Nurses will access their User ID and Password for online renewal by a link on the Board’s website.

We understand that some licensees may not have a home computer and/or a credit or debit card. Computers are usually readily accessible in the workplace or in public libraries.  Licensees will also have the option to come into the Board’s office during regular business hours to renew online.  We will have a computer and printer set up in our lobby, and someone will be available to assist.

Paying Online - Acceptable Payment: Visa (V) or Mastercard (MC) - debit or credit
If individuals do not have a personal credit or debit card; they can pay for a pre-paid card at local stores and use the pre-paid card to complete the online transaction. Please note that an email address is required for you to receive a payment confirmation, but is not required to renew online.

How to Request Inactive Status
To place your license/certificate on inactive status, submit a written request to (17 South High St., Suite 400, Columbus, Ohio 43215), e-mail ( or fax (614.466.0388) no later than August 31, 2015. Include your name, Ohio nursing license/certificate number and request for inactive status.

APRNs must renew their RN license, not just their COA.  APRNs cannot legally practice without renewing both their RN and COA(s).  Also, APRNs renewing their CTP must renew not only their CTP, but also their RN and COA(s).

APRNs must remember to renew all applicable licenses/certificates, because the current state licensing system cannot monitor or alert you if you have or have not renewed all the required licenses/certificates.
•    To practice, APRNs must renew both their RN license and COA(s).
•    To prescribe, APRNs must renew three things: RN license, COA(s), and CTP.

APRN Credential Numbers
For RNs with one or more COAs, your credential will read as follows: RN #####-1, RN #####-2 or RN #####-3 (where the last digit indicates the number of COAs you hold). For RX credential holders, the prefix RX has been changed to CTP (ex. RX #####  becomes  CTP #####).

Providing Collaborating Physician Information

You will also be required to provide the name and address of your collaborating physician(s) at the time of renewal, so please have the information readily available.

Effective April 1, 2015 Ohio law sets forth certain situations where if you prescribe or personally furnish opioid analgesics or benzodiazepines, you are required to have access to OARRS either through registration or the ability to access an OARRS integrated service such as NARxCHECK.  If you do not have access and prescribe opioid analgesics or benzodiazepines, it is a violation of Ohio law and may result in disciplinary action. The Board is required by law to check licensees who renew their CTP to determine if they are in compliance with OARRS requirements. To register for OARRS, go to

This Rule sets forth certain situations that require APRN prescribers to review OARRS prior to prescribing or personally furnishing a reported drug to a patient. You must have access to OARRS either through registration or the ability to access an OARRS integrated service such as NARxCHECK in order to meet these requirements. Not complying with Rule 4723-9-12, OAC, is a violation of the Nurse Practice Act and may result in disciplinary action. To register for OARRS, go to

PDF Format Download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the PDF documents below.

General Information
   Adobe Acrobat File   2015 Board Statement on the Multi-State Nurse Licensure Compact
   Adobe Acrobat File   Summary of the 2010 Multi-State Nurse Licensure Compact Meeting
   Adobe Acrobat File   Click Here for Licensure by Exam and Endorsement Forms
   Adobe Acrobat File   Click Here for Licensure Renewal, Reinstatement and Change of Address Forms
   Internal Page Link   Click Here for the Ohio Licensure Verification Page

   Adobe Acrobat File   Accommodations for the NCLEX Examination
   Adobe Acrobat File   The Eight Steps of the NCLEX
   External Page Link   Link to NCSBN's NCLEX Candidate FAQs                                   
Internal Page Link   Click Here for the Criminal History Fact Sheet located on the Discipline and Compliance Page
   Internal Page Link   Click Here for the Momentum Article about Criminal History located on the Discipline and Compliance Page

Other Useful Links
   Internal Page Link   Link to National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) Website
Internal Page Link   Link to National Council National State Board Directory

Nursing Education Program Completion Letters

   Adobe Acrobat File   Completion Letter Guidelines
   Adobe Acrobat File   RN Sample Letter Format
   Adobe Acrobat File   PN Sample Letter Format

Important Applicant Information - Please Read

CHECKING THE STATUS OF YOUR APPLICATION: Check the status of your application on the Board’s web site at Click on ''verification" and you will be directed to the license and certificate verification site.  Refer to the instructions on the web page regarding recommended browsers.  Once we have started processing your application, your name will appear as “pending” until your license is issued.

PAYMENTS: Fees must be made payable to “Treasurer, State of Ohio”.  Personal checks or cash will not be accepted.  Send a certified check, cashier’s check or money order.  Business checks from government entities, corporations, and education or training programs will be accepted.  Payments must be drawn on a United States (U.S.) bank and payable in U.S. dollars.  Please do not staple your payment to the application.

ALL APPLICANTS: If you are mailing a licensure related form to the Board of Nursing, please send to ATTENTION: LICENSURE UNIT. This will facilitate the processing of your request.

CRIMINAL RECORD CHECKS: Click Here For More Information

We are committed to issuing licenses as quickly as possible. Thank you for your patience.

Criminal Records Checks

Adobe Acrobat FileInformation About Required Criminal Records Checks for Licensure and Certification
Internal Page Link Click Here to find out how the Criminal Records Check may affect your future employment as a nurse or certificate holder in Ohio. Or go to the Discipline & Compliance Page.

LPN Authorization to Administer Medications and Limited IV Therapy in Ohio

Verification of your nursing license is available at the License & Certificate page of the Board website. Your name, license number and expiration date is public information and may be viewed by anyone. Please note that when calling the Board office with questions about your license that Board staff generally will not use social security numbers as a primary means to verify licensure information. In December, the licensure designation for LPNs who are authorized to administer medications and to perform limited IV Therapy changed from “LPN IV” to LPN M-IV. License designations for LPNs are as follows:

An LPN who is authorized to administer medications, but not perform limited IV Therapy, will have a license designation of “LPN Meds”.

An LPN who is authorized to administer medications and to perform limited IV Therapy procedures will have a license designation of “LPN M-IV”.

If an LPN is NOT authorized to administer medications or to perform limited IV therapy procedures, they will have a license designation of “LPN”.

NCLEX Testing

The Eight Steps of the NCLEX

The process of taking the NCLEX exam can be broken down into eight steps. These steps cover registration and scheduling, eligibility, identification requirements, and results processing.

The Eight Steps of the NCLEX:

1. Apply for licensure with one board of nursing (BON).
2. Register and pay $200 with Pearson VUE via the Internet, telephone or by U.S. mail.
3. Receive an Acknowledgement of Receipt of Registration from Pearson VUE.
4. Receive eligibility from the BON.
5. Receive an Authorization to Test (ATT) letter from Pearson VUE. Candidates must test within the validity dates. There are no extensions.
6. Schedule an exam appointment via the Internet (by accessing your online account) or by telephone (telephone only for
international scheduling).
7. Arrive for exam appointment and present your ATT letter and acceptable identification (ID). The only acceptable forms of ID for test centers in the U.S., American Samoa, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands and U.S. Virgin Islands are: U.S. driver's license (Department of Motor Vehicle-issued; if expired, a renewal slip that includes a photograph and a signature must be presented as well); U.S. state identification (Department of Motor Vehicle-issued); U.S. military identification; or Passport. The only acceptable form of ID for international test centers is a passport.
8. Receive results from the BON approximately four weeks after the exam.

Discover the NCLEX Webinar Series

NCSBN’s Examinations department has developed a valuable resource for the public, nurse educators and candidates alike. The NCLEX Webinar Series is a four-part public resource with detailed descriptions of exam development processes such as practice analysis, test plan development, item writing and item review as well as processes that eliminate the introduction of unintentional item bias. Available 24-hours a day, the webinars provide a venue to learn about the processes NCSBN takes to develop and maintain the validity and reliability of the NCLEX.

All recorded webinars presented by NCSBN staff and members can be found online.

Pearson Vue

Pearson VUE delivers the RN and LPN NCLEX examination for the the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN). These two examinations are used to test entry-level nursing competence of candidates for licensure as RNs and LPNs. Licensure candidates can visit to register for the NCLEX® and obtain detailed instructions. A candidate may also register for the NCLEX® by contacting Pearson VUE at 1-866-496-2539.

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