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General Information

   Adobe Acrobat FileRN and LPN Decision Making Model
   Adobe Acrobat FileSchool Nurse Decision Making Model
   Adobe Acrobat FilePICC Tip Verification by RN via X-Ray Prohibited
   Adobe Acrobat FileRN and LPN Scopes of Practice

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              and Practice Committee of the Ohio Organization of Nurse Executives

New Ohio Law: Determination and Pronouncement of Death

An amendment to the Ohio Nurse Practice Act (Chapter 4723, Ohio Revised Code (ORC)) authorizes certified nurse practitioners, clinical nurse specialists, and registered nurses, under specific circumstances, to determine and pronounce death. The new law is effective March 22, 2013 by the enactment of Am Sub HB 284 during the 129th General Assembly.

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Patient Safety Initiative - Creating a Culture of Safety and Accountability

By implementing a more comprehensive approach to practice complaints, the Board is more directly addressing and impacting patient safety. The goal is to increase patient safety through effective reporting, remediation, modification of systems, and accountability. The objectives are to:

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NCSBN Offers Helpful Resources on Using Social Media

Nurses need to be aware of the potential ramifications of disclosing patient-related information. You are invited to use and share these resources:

Take A Quiz - Nursing and Social Media Quiz

Watch A Video - Social Media Guidelines for Nurses

Order Free Printed NCSBN Resources - A Nurse's Guide to the Use of Social Media, Social Media in Nursing: Understand the Benefits and the Risks, Common Myths and Misunderstandings of Social Media

Information Regarding Ebola

The Ohio Board of Nursing is committed to providing the public, including health care providers, with information about Ebola. Having accurate information is important for optimal care of patients, for nurse safety in managing this infectious disease, and public protection. The Ohio Department of Health has set up a 24/7 call line for the public, staffed by registered nurses: 866-800-1404.

Links to important sources of information are listed below:

- What you need to Know about Ebola: Click here to view the Ebola infographic
- Ohio Department of Health:
- Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:
- Medical Reserve Corps:

Nurses are advised to follow the regulatory standards of practice specified in Chapter 4723-4, Ohio Administrative Code (OAC). Dialysis Technicians, Community Health Workers, and Medication Aides are advised to follow the regulatory standards contained in Chapters 4723-23, 4723-26, and 4723-27, respectively. All licensees are to follow the regulations regarding prevention of disease transmission in Chapter 4723-20, OAC. To access the OAC Chapters, click on Law and Rules.

Healthcare workers are also encouraged to contact their state and/or federal associations for information.

Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) Education Pilot Project

In June 2010, Ohio House Bill 198 established the Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) Education Pilot Project enabling 44 primary care practices (40 physician-led and 4 APRN-led) educationally affiliated with select medical or nursing schools in Ohio to implement the PCMH model of care in their practices. TransforMED, a nationally known company with a successful history of assisting primary care practices towards transformation to the PCMH model, has been contracted to facilitate several components of the Pilot Project.

Additional information regarding the PCMH Education Pilot Project can be found online at:

Interpretive Guidelines

   Adobe Acrobat FileIntroduction: Utilizing Interpretive Guidelines
   Adobe Acrobat File
Guidelines for Registered Nurse Filling and Unfilling a Client’s Gastric Band
Adobe Acrobat FileGuidelines for Conservative Sharp Wound Debridement
   Adobe Acrobat FileGuidelines for Intrapartum Monitoring of Obstetrical Patients Receiving Epidural Infusions
   Adobe Acrobat FileGuidelines for Monitoring and Management of Epidural Infusions
   Adobe Acrobat FileGuidelines for Administration of Medications, and Monitoring
              of Patients Receiving Intravenous Moderate Sedation for Medical/Surgical Procedures

   Adobe Acrobat FileGuidelines for the Care of Patients Receiving Intramuscular, Subdermal,
              or Subcutaneously Injected Medications for Cosmetic/Aesthetic Treatment

   Adobe Acrobat FileGuidelines for a Registered Nurse’s Role in Emergent Intubation Performed by an Authorized Provider
   Adobe Acrobat FileGuidelines for Registered Nurse Performance of a History and Physical Examination
              for Purposes of Providing Nursing Care

   Adobe Acrobat FileGuidelines for Registered Nurse Use of Devices for PICC Tip Placement Confirmation in Adult

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